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Buying Social Media Followers Really Works

Buying Social Media Followers Really Works

There’s always some naysayer around who wants to bring people down. And so, when the chance to buy followers for social media pages came about, the speculation began and people said that it wasn’t a good idea. They said it’d get your account closed and that it really didn’t provide any benefits. A lot of people listened and did not make a purchase. Then, others like myself knew that I had to learn firsthand, even if it was the hard way. I can say that it is one of the best decisions that I made. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to what ‘they’ had to say.

Once I made my Instagram account, I found a company to make the followers purchase from. I took the time to compare the choices before I made the purchase because I knew that not all companies were created the same. I was confident that I’d found a good company because they had a good reputation, the price was right, and they seemed personable and trustworthy. I started small but did go back later to make a second purchase. I noticed almost immediately that more people were visiting my website and I even had a few more sales than the days prior.

I went from 10 followers (thanks mom and dad) to more than 500 in about 2 days. Talk about ecstatic about those numbers. The account was boring for only a short period and instantly become a ton of fun to visit. I spent a lot of time there. And, they were all very active followers as well so I was proud of myself. They started sharing my pictures and were commenting quite a bit. It was nice and unexpected. I was very excited that I’d learned how to gain more followers on Instagram in the way ‘they’ said wasn’t really possible.

Since this time my IG account has blossomed and I have more than 8,600 people who follow me. I have a great group of people because they’ve all helped me become the brand that I am today. I never expected such great results from social media but it’s definitely exceeded my expectations. My business is still small and homely, just the way I wanted it, but I certainly make more money than I ever anticipated. There is little question that it was the purchase of followers that helped me get the head start that I need.

I would encourage everyone that wants to increase the number of people who follow them to ignore what ‘they’ say and proceed forth with the Instagram followers purchase. Sure, you need to take all the other steps to get the followers on your account. Make sure you upload quality photos and videos and that you’re there to engage with your audience.  But, when you really want to know how to gain more followers on Instagram, take the advice of those who’ve been there, done that and spend your money where it counts.

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